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If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
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Hermas Samir - Aktarebo elaik

Hermas Samir - Aktarebo elaik - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1readingreading - Hermas Samir01:16
2Anta abra'ao gamalan - live worshipAnta abra'ao gamalan - live worship - Hermas Samir07:58
3Aktarebo elaikAktarebo elaik - Hermas Samir07:37
4live worship 2live worship 2 - Hermas Samir05:48
5Khodni beqorbi qalbikaKhodni beqorbi qalbika - Hermas Samir08:26
6Reading - Sabbehu elrabReading - Sabbehu elrab - Hermas Samir00:44
7Live worship - Qudoson ya Yaso'aLive worship - Qudoson ya Yaso'a - Hermas Samir13:56
8Yaso'a narfa'ao esmakaYaso'a narfa'ao esmaka - Hermas Samir05:41
9Thikatna fe marahemikaThikatna fe marahemika - Hermas Samir03:38
10Anta salehonAnta salehon - Hermas Samir07:03
11Alrabo rahemAlrabo rahem - Hermas Samir07:43
12Hallelujah le ismikaHallelujah le ismika - Hermas Samir02:52
13Huwaza qad ghalabaHuwaza qad ghalaba - Hermas Samir02:04
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 Hermas Samir - Aktarebo elaik