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The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.
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Romany Soliman - Men majd la majd

Romany Soliman - Men majd la majd - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Min majd la-majdMin majd la-majd - Romany Soliman04:16
2Mish ha-eash al-elzikrayatMish ha-eash al-elzikrayat - Romany Soliman03:59
3Lama semeit kalamakLama semeit kalamak - Romany Soliman03:22
4Law hasset enak waheedLaw hasset enak waheed - Romany Soliman04:48
5Hammi atunakHammi atunak - Romany Soliman04:13
6Mahkamet el-adelMahkamet el-adel - Romany Soliman04:13
7Mish hatraja3Mish hatraja3 - Romany Soliman03:22
8Kol sana wi-entaKol sana wi-enta - Romany Soliman03:42
9Omrak hateisho lameenOmrak hateisho lameen - Romany Soliman03:41
10Ahmaduka ya rabAhmaduka ya rab - Romany Soliman05:21
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 Romany Soliman - Men majd la majd