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The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.
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Tasbeeh elfady Team - Tasbeeh balad elmaseeh

Tasbeeh elfady - Tasbeeh balad elmaseeh - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ghanni ya shaab elrabGhanni ya shaab elrab - Tasbeeh elfady03:34
2Ya yasoa hobbak yanbooaYa yasoa hobbak yanbooa - Tasbeeh elfady06:06
3Aaded elsakiteenAaded elsakiteen - Tasbeeh elfady07:11
4Yalli amart elreeh tehdaYalli amart elreeh tehda - Tasbeeh elfady03:07
5Ghannit wma zelt aghanniGhannit wma zelt aghanni - Tasbeeh elfady05:25
6Esem yasoa esem ghaliEsem yasoa esem ghali - Tasbeeh elfady06:42
7PrayerPrayer - Tasbeeh elfady04:00
8Roh ellah ensakeb alenaRoh ellah ensakeb alena - Tasbeeh elfady08:54
9Ha hallilujahHa hallilujah - Tasbeeh elfady06:09
10Elahna azeem elahna ameenElahna azeem elahna ameen - Tasbeeh elfady05:24
11MarfuienMarfuien - Tasbeeh elfady03:32
12Ashwaq lelbarakaAshwaq lelbaraka - Tasbeeh elfady06:54
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Team Tasbeeh elfady - Tasbeeh balad elmaseeh