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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
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Hany Nabil - Enta elahi

Hany Nabil - Enta elahi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Fe kol saahFe kol saah - Hany Nabil05:03
2Ahla makanAhla makan - Hany Nabil03:57
3Wahdak laka al sojoodWahdak laka al sojood - Hany Nabil03:39
4Enta ilahiEnta ilahi - Hany Nabil03:25
5Beshfi athab al hozonBeshfi athab al hozon - Hany Nabil04:04
6Fe isim al rab yasouaFe isim al rab yasoua - Hany Nabil04:09
7Feek hathada al khaoufFeek hathada al khaouf - Hany Nabil03:27
8Onwan sokniOnwan sokni - Hany Nabil02:39
9Al ibin al mahboobAl ibin al mahboob - Hany Nabil04:53
10Ya sbab farhitnaYa sbab farhitna - Hany Nabil02:54
11Doyoni kiteerDoyoni kiteer - Hany Nabil04:52
12Law yaarafoukLaw yaarafouk - Hany Nabil04:53
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 Hany Nabil - Enta elahi