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The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.
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Joud Hares - Bghanelak kol ayyami

Joud Hares - Bghanelak kol ayyami - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Akhtar YasoaAkhtar Yasoa - Joud Hares13:25
2AqtaribAqtarib - Joud Hares04:45
3Alrab qad malakAlrab qad malak - Joud Hares07:44
4Bghannelak kol ayyamiBghannelak kol ayyami - Joud Hares04:27
5Aqwa ra-enAqwa ra-en - Joud Hares05:38
6Thabet ya allahThabet ya allah - Joud Hares04:30
7Nahwa salebikaNahwa salebika - Joud Hares05:58
8TaammolTaammol - Joud Hares02:00
9Lan akhafLan akhaf - Joud Hares05:10
10Ar'ad alrabAr'ad alrab - Joud Hares06:41
11Fawqa kol elsho'obFawqa kol elsho'ob - Joud Hares08:39
12BanadelakBanadelak - Joud Hares19:38
13Music of Alrab qas malakMusic of Alrab qas malak - Joud Hares04:16
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 Joud Hares - Bghanelak kol ayyami