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Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
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Stela Aziz - Ash-hadlak rabbi

Stela Aziz - Ash-hadlak rabbi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Al-ard qad atishatAl-ard qad atishat - Stela Aziz05:55Download Al-ard qad atishat
2Esma'a ya rab salatiEsma'a ya rab salati - Stela Aziz03:37Download Esma'a ya rab salati
3Ayoha almaseeh el elahAyoha almaseeh el elah - Stela Aziz04:21Download Ayoha almaseeh el elah
4Dayman bade'aDayman bade'a - Stela Aziz02:42Download Dayman bade'a
5Yaso'a ya kol hayatiYaso'a ya kol hayati - Stela Aziz05:11Download Yaso'a ya kol hayati
6Esh el hayahEsh el hayah - Stela Aziz03:54Download Esh el hayah
7Yaso'a barikniYaso'a barikni - Stela Aziz04:17Download Yaso'a barikni
8Ash-hadlak rabbiAsh-hadlak rabbi - Stela Aziz04:57Download Ash-hadlak rabbi
9Safkah wahalahlSafkah wahalahl - Stela Aziz03:57Download Safkah wahalahl
10Bariko elahnaBariko elahna - Stela Aziz02:53Download Bariko elahna
11Mobrkhone elahnMobrkhone elahn - Stela Aziz02:51Download Mobrkhone elahn
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 Stela Aziz - Ash-hadlak rabbi