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The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.
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Philip Wissa - Wakei tany

Philip Wissa - Wakei tany - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Alrabbo fe olahAlrabbo fe olah - Philip Wissa05:53
2Ayyouha al-qoddosAyyouha al-qoddos - Philip Wissa04:37
3Kol elle ana mihtajuhKol elle ana mihtajuh - Philip Wissa02:23
4BahebbakBahebbak - Philip Wissa00:53
5Ya yasoa hobbak leeYa yasoa hobbak lee - Philip Wissa03:14
6Ana mishtaqAna mishtaq - Philip Wissa05:03
7Ana sanait lakaAna sanait laka - Philip Wissa03:08
8Al-rab ba-eedAl-rab ba-eed - Philip Wissa04:46
9Entizaran entazarto el-elahEntizaran entazarto el-elah - Philip Wissa06:23
10Wakei tanyWakei tany - Philip Wissa03:58
11Ana aarefAna aaref - Philip Wissa04:48
12Ana mahboub jeddanAna mahboub jeddan - Philip Wissa04:27
13Sakeeb el-roohSakeeb el-rooh - Philip Wissa04:22
14Wa-en qallat el-thulmaWa-en qallat el-thulma - Philip Wissa03:34
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 Philip Wissa - Wakei tany