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Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.
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The Nazarite Team Team - Beltasbeeh: shukran Yasoa

The Nazarite Team - Beltasbeeh: shukran Yasoa - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Aakheedan sorat abdenAakheedan sorat abden - The Nazarite Team05:30Download Aakheedan sorat abden
2Ekleluho madforonEkleluho madforon - The Nazarite Team03:17Download Ekleluho madforon
3Anni kadaAnni kada - The Nazarite Team04:40Download Anni kada
4Fawka el saleebFawka el saleeb - The Nazarite Team04:44Download Fawka el saleeb
5Fee tareeq el joljothaFee tareeq el joljotha - The Nazarite Team04:11Download Fee tareeq el joljotha
6Fe mash-haden adma el oyonFe mash-haden adma el oyon - The Nazarite Team04:22Download Fe mash-haden adma el oyon
7Qissat el-hob el-ajeebeQissat el-hob el-ajeebe - The Nazarite Team06:29Download Qissat el-hob el-ajeebe
8Musattaron anho al-wujuhMusattaron anho al-wujuh - The Nazarite Team04:40Download Musattaron anho al-wujuh
9Masihi lel-ard jeetMasihi lel-ard jeet - The Nazarite Team04:29Download Masihi lel-ard jeet
10Wa habibiWa habibi - The Nazarite Team04:47Download Wa habibi
11Ya sayyidiYa sayyidi - The Nazarite Team05:12Download Ya sayyidi
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