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I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.
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Tamer Al Ajami - Fe kodsika el-kareem

Tamer Al Ajami - Fe kodsika el-kareem - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Man lee sewaka yahminyMan lee sewaka yahminy - Tamer Al Ajami05:00
2Ana mashy w-norak koddamiAna mashy w-norak koddami - Tamer Al Ajami04:42
3Law titouh el-markibaLaw titouh el-markiba - Tamer Al Ajami05:36
4Sa-alotho bi-hidnikaSa-alotho bi-hidnika - Tamer Al Ajami04:11
5Dakat alay el-korubDakat alay el-korub - Tamer Al Ajami04:31
6Ba-ed areeb jeddan yejiBa-ed areeb jeddan yeji - Tamer Al Ajami06:46
7Allah bi-yetkallem le w-leekAllah bi-yetkallem le w-leek - Tamer Al Ajami06:50
8Elli be-azzenyElli be-azzeny - Tamer Al Ajami03:34
9Ana mit-tammenAna mit-tammen - Tamer Al Ajami05:08
10Elmoamin el-ameenElmoamin el-ameen - Tamer Al Ajami04:25
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 Tamer Al Ajami - Fe kodsika el-kareem