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Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.
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Basim Shokry - Tranem Ta-abbodeyyah

Basim Shokry - Tranem Ta-abbodeyyah - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ana ayesh fe elfolkAna ayesh fe elfolk - Basim Shokry04:04
2Ana molk elfadyAna molk elfady - Basim Shokry02:14
3Ennani rabbiEnnani rabbi - Basim Shokry03:30
4Bel-emanBel-eman - Basim Shokry02:22
5Habibi aya min ajlyHabibi aya min ajly - Basim Shokry03:39
6Arfak mish aader tertahArfak mish aader tertah - Basim Shokry05:57
7Ala hisab eldamAla hisab eldam - Basim Shokry04:05
8Fawk elsaleebFawk elsaleeb - Basim Shokry03:41
9Kal lee elshaytanKal lee elshaytan - Basim Shokry05:44
10Kama anaKama ana - Basim Shokry02:39
11La lan ara hobanLa lan ara hoban - Basim Shokry04:43
12Ma howa thanbiMa howa thanbi - Basim Shokry04:00
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