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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
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Good News Team Team - Aaizeenak

Good News Team - Aaizeenak - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Low tizoul el-samaLow tizoul el-sama - Good News Team06:03
2Reading 1Reading 1 - Good News Team01:02
3Men ba3d sneen wi-sneenMen ba3d sneen wi-sneen - Good News Team05:04
4Reading 2Reading 2 - Good News Team01:20
5Fa-ana mi7taj lakFa-ana mi7taj lak - Good News Team04:52
6Fa-anta kol ma oreedFa-anta kol ma oreed - Good News Team04:18
73azzimu al-rab ma3i3azzimu al-rab ma3i - Good News Team04:04
8Fe baladnaFe baladna - Good News Team03:53
9Reading 3Reading 3 - Good News Team00:49
10AaizeenakAaizeenak - Good News Team04:41
11Mahma el-3alamMahma el-3alam - Good News Team05:23
12Marret 3laya w-ana fe el-khateyahMarret 3laya w-ana fe el-khateyah - Good News Team04:39
13Kol ard nashfaKol ard nashfa - Good News Team04:14
14Reading 4Reading 4 - Good News Team01:12
15Ba7eb masrBa7eb masr - Good News Team06:56
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Team Good News Team - Aaizeenak