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This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”
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The Way Of Life Team - Le-annaka anta maie

The Way Of Life - Le-annaka anta maie - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Hayya nafrah wa-nohallelHayya nafrah wa-nohallel - The Way Of Life03:35
2Elahna el-ameenElahna el-ameen - The Way Of Life04:05
3Leannaka anta ma3iLeannaka anta ma3i - The Way Of Life04:17
4Ya lahu min hob 3ajeebYa lahu min hob 3ajeeb - The Way Of Life07:08
5Leek makanLeek makan - The Way Of Life03:39
6Leek makanLeek makan - The Way Of Life06:58
7Edene erada jdedaEdene erada jdeda - The Way Of Life05:03
8Nobarekoka ya malek elmajdNobarekoka ya malek elmajd - The Way Of Life04:08
9Lelkharoof elbaraka welkaramaLelkharoof elbaraka welkarama - The Way Of Life07:35
10Men majd ela majdMen majd ela majd - The Way Of Life03:21
11Watajool ya rab fe wastenaWatajool ya rab fe wastena - The Way Of Life05:14
12Yaskon elmjd ardinaYaskon elmjd ardina - The Way Of Life02:38
13Yaso3 qamYaso3 qam - The Way Of Life03:55
14No3len entisaranaNo3len entisarana - The Way Of Life03:19
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Team The Way Of Life - Le-annaka anta maie