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Chosen Verse:
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
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Dareen Zakharia - Ghayeran Qalbi

Dareen Zakharia - Ghayeran Qalbi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Elaika obakerElaika obaker - Dareen Zakharia02:22Download Elaika obaker
2Ya sayeidyYa sayeidy - Dareen Zakharia04:04Download Ya sayeidy
3Ya rab sakhratiYa rab sakhrati - Dareen Zakharia02:11Download Ya rab sakhrati
4Yaso3 anta kanziYaso3 anta kanzi - Dareen Zakharia02:45Download Yaso3 anta kanzi
5Inna qalbi laysa yahwaInna qalbi laysa yahwa - Dareen Zakharia02:21Download Inna qalbi laysa yahwa
6Fawka talen b3eedFawka talen b3eed - Dareen Zakharia04:53Download Fawka talen b3eed
7AjhalouAjhalou - Dareen Zakharia04:23Download Ajhalou
8Ela b2ree elsamiraEla b2ree elsamira - Dareen Zakharia03:33Download Ela b2ree elsamira
9Ra7matan kathira er7amniRa7matan kathira er7amni - Dareen Zakharia03:11Download Ra7matan kathira er7amni
10Ghayeran qalbiGhayeran qalbi - Dareen Zakharia02:15Download Ghayeran qalbi
11Nasheedy Ya3lou bel-hutafiNasheedy Ya3lou bel-hutafi - Dareen Zakharia04:15Download Nasheedy Ya3lou bel-hutafi
12Hal TaraktaHal Tarakta - Dareen Zakharia03:04Download Hal Tarakta
13Shokran men kol elqalbShokran men kol elqalb - Dareen Zakharia01:55Download Shokran men kol elqalb
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 Dareen Zakharia - Ghayeran Qalbi