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The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.
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Kasr aldobara Team - Emmanuel

Kasr aldobara - Emmanuel - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Bariki ya nafsiBariki ya nafsi - Kasr aldobara05:11
2Ajeeb musher elah qadeerAjeeb musher elah qadeer - Kasr aldobara04:09
3Anta mustahiqAnta mustahiq - Kasr aldobara04:16
4Quddous Quddous QuddousQuddous Quddous Quddous - Kasr aldobara05:01
5Reading 1Reading 1 - Kasr aldobara01:22
6Laka dira3 el-qodrataLaka dira3 el-qodrata - Kasr aldobara05:06
7Ana honaAna hona - Kasr aldobara02:27
8Hawalta nu7iHawalta nu7i - Kasr aldobara02:37
9Ya azeem ya qadeerYa azeem ya qadeer - Kasr aldobara04:32
10O7ebbuka le2nnal a7babtaniO7ebbuka le2nnal a7babtani - Kasr aldobara04:30
11Anta taskub ra7matakaAnta taskub ra7mataka - Kasr aldobara05:14
12Reading 2Reading 2 - Kasr aldobara00:55
13Samawat jadedaSamawat jadeda - Kasr aldobara05:04
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Team Kasr aldobara - Emmanuel