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All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.
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Victor Gabriel - Bel-masee7 Montasiren

Victor Gabriel - Bel-masee7 Montasiren - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Habibi Yaso3Habibi Yaso3 - Victor Gabriel04:38
2Minda'ie 3aber lel2emanMinda'ie 3aber lel2eman - Victor Gabriel08:47
3Ghayarni yaso3Ghayarni yaso3 - Victor Gabriel05:45
4Felmasee7 montasironFelmasee7 montasiron - Victor Gabriel04:02
5Qarrarto atba3 yaso3iQarrarto atba3 yaso3i - Victor Gabriel03:20
6Qarrarto atba3 yaso3i - GuitarQarrarto atba3 yaso3i - Guitar - Victor Gabriel03:12
7Meen gherak yeshfeniMeen gherak yeshfeni - Victor Gabriel05:28
8Mo belmay eljari elkhalasMo belmay eljari elkhalas - Victor Gabriel05:36
9Ya fayed ni3ma 3alayYa fayed ni3ma 3alay - Victor Gabriel04:18
10Be-ismeka na7no montasironBe-ismeka na7no montasiron - Victor Gabriel02:02
11Sinen janat 3ayesh belzalamSinen janat 3ayesh belzalam - Victor Gabriel05:47
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 Victor Gabriel - Bel-masee7 Montasiren