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The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
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Khobz alhayah Team - Ya aalam esmaao

Khobz alhayah - Ya aalam esmaao - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ya 3alam esma3oYa 3alam esma3o - Khobz alhayah03:28
2Ya RabbiYa Rabbi - Khobz alhayah03:41
3Ma tkhafMa tkhaf - Khobz alhayah04:57
4Ya elahiYa elahi - Khobz alhayah04:42
5Sana ba3d sanaSana ba3d sana - Khobz alhayah04:36
6Mish tarkak rabbiMish tarkak rabbi - Khobz alhayah03:24
7Leh 3enekom 3l ardLeh 3enekom 3l ard - Khobz alhayah03:10
8Rafi3ni ya ro7 allahRafi3ni ya ro7 allah - Khobz alhayah03:42
9Wa7dak rabbiWa7dak rabbi - Khobz alhayah04:12
10Halleuyah osabi7 rabbi al qadeerHalleuyah osabi7 rabbi al qadeer - Khobz alhayah04:52
11Ma3ak_ya_rabbi ana 3ayeshMa3ak_ya_rabbi ana 3ayesh - Khobz alhayah03:14
12Shukran leek ya rabbiShukran leek ya rabbi - Khobz alhayah05:04
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Team Khobz alhayah - Ya aalam esmaao