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All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.
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Agapee Team - Ana hena osali

Agapee - Ana hena osali - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Abana narfaou ismaka el kareemAbana narfaou ismaka el kareem - Agapee01:52
2Abwabika maftouha liyaAbwabika maftouha liya - Agapee03:17
3El roh yagmaanaEl roh yagmaana - Agapee01:55
4Aani ya qadirAani ya qadir - Agapee03:05
5Ana heena ousaliAna heena ousali - Agapee02:56
6Ana koli imanAna koli iman - Agapee02:05
7Ana jayeh la aindakAna jayeh la aindak - Agapee02:15
8Ana mostaaiedonAna mostaaiedon - Agapee02:02
9Barfaa esmak wi bsalilakBarfaa esmak wi bsalilak - Agapee02:01
10Atina rabiAtina rabi - Agapee04:25
11Fe tareeq el joljothahFe tareeq el joljothah - Agapee03:42
12MasaihiMasaihi - Agapee02:14
13Fe el tareeqFe el tareeq - Agapee02:54
14Man fda nafsiMan fda nafsi - Agapee03:28
15Kan ya ma kanKan ya ma kan - Agapee02:33
16Nar khalli el hobNar khalli el hob - Agapee02:20
17Koul farhatinKoul farhatin - Agapee02:37
18Ranim halliloiaRanim halliloia - Agapee01:15
19Lilsaleeb anta sirtLilsaleeb anta sirt - Agapee02:53
20Yaouman fayaoumYaouman fayaoum - Agapee02:28
21Lima laLima la - Agapee03:15
22Monaya aan akounMonaya aan akoun - Agapee02:51
23Rajoul awjaaRajoul awjaa - Agapee03:10
24Ya abana alhaqYa abana alhaq - Agapee01:33
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Team Agapee - Ana hena osali