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The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.
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Philip Wissa - Ohdeka kol elmagd

Philip Wissa - Ohdeka kol elmagd - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Aohdika kol l majdAohdika kol l majd - Philip Wissa05:37Download Aohdika kol l majd
2Asmoka ajeebAsmoka ajeeb - Philip Wissa03:14Download Asmoka ajeeb
3Bithiqa ataqadamBithiqa ataqadam - Philip Wissa04:27Download Bithiqa ataqadam
4Adkhil liqodsikaAdkhil liqodsika - Philip Wissa04:36Download Adkhil liqodsika
5Hinma adnouHinma adnou - Philip Wissa04:18Download Hinma adnou
6Ataina alaikAtaina alaik - Philip Wissa03:48Download Ataina alaik
7Rouh allah nadoukaRouh allah nadouka - Philip Wissa05:24Download Rouh allah nadouka
8Atlobo wajhakaAtlobo wajhaka - Philip Wissa04:35Download Atlobo wajhaka
9Aigthibni aleikAigthibni aleik - Philip Wissa06:59Download Aigthibni aleik
10Anta qodousAnta qodous - Philip Wissa05:50Download Anta qodous
11Yasoua ma aathmakYasoua ma aathmak - Philip Wissa04:25Download Yasoua ma aathmak
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 Philip Wissa - Ohdeka kol elmagd