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The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.
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Agapee Team - Ezraani qamha bhaqltika

Agapee - Ezraani qamha bhaqltika - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1El rouh yajmaounaEl rouh yajmaouna - Agapee01:55
2Sho hilwi el samaSho hilwi el sama - Agapee02:18
3Dilni al nourDilni al nour - Agapee02:42
4Fe rahbatinFe rahbatin - Agapee03:09
5Hata mataHata mata - Agapee03:50
6Israani qamha bi haqltakIsraani qamha bi haqltak - Agapee03:22
7Qalbi mostaaiedQalbi mostaaied - Agapee01:26
8Rabi fe sitri hamakRabi fe sitri hamak - Agapee03:13
9Saathiq bika raaian lieSaathiq bika raaian lie - Agapee04:24
10Ea abana lasto adriEa abana lasto adri - Agapee02:35
11Ya rabi anta aarifYa rabi anta aarif - Agapee03:08
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Team Agapee - Ezraani qamha bhaqltika