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“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip.
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Hani Romani - Ma aathamak (mosiqa)

Hani Romani - Ma aathamak (mosiqa) - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ati elaykaAti elayka - Hani Romani05:32
2Fe tareeq el joljothahFe tareeq el joljothah - Hani Romani04:15
3Mobarak shaabi masirMobarak shaabi masir - Hani Romani04:47
4Ya saiyedi lma araYa saiyedi lma ara - Hani Romani04:33
5Askon tahta thilAskon tahta thil - Hani Romani03:50
6Min yaoum- ana farhanMin yaoum- ana farhan - Hani Romani03:12
7Taal ya rab bi rohakTaal ya rab bi rohak - Hani Romani03:10
8Fe mawkibFe mawkib - Hani Romani02:32
9Rahmah katheerah irhamniRahmah katheerah irhamni - Hani Romani03:51
10Laisa min saaib wa deeqLaisa min saaib wa deeq - Hani Romani04:23
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 Hani Romani - Ma aathamak (mosiqa)