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I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.
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Roge Bahu - Enaho alhikmah yodaah

Roge Bahu - Enaho alhikmah yodaah - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Yalli bifeed el hob naditniYalli bifeed el hob naditni - Roge Bahu04:56Download Yalli bifeed el hob naditni
2Oskob alaina ya malikanaOskob alaina ya malikana - Roge Bahu06:05Download Oskob alaina ya malikana
3Aabodok ya khaiq el wogoudAabodok ya khaiq el wogoud - Roge Bahu03:56Download Aabodok ya khaiq el wogoud
4Ya bakht el aaish qorbakYa bakht el aaish qorbak - Roge Bahu05:00Download Ya bakht el aaish qorbak
5Kinaan lenaKinaan lena - Roge Bahu09:01Download Kinaan lena
6Nafsi qad ehtajat elikNafsi qad ehtajat elik - Roge Bahu06:06Download Nafsi qad ehtajat elik
7Faith lana raaes kahanah aatheemFaith lana raaes kahanah aatheem - Roge Bahu03:51Download Faith lana raaes kahanah aatheem
8Alrab nouri wa khalasiAlrab nouri wa khalasi - Roge Bahu06:39Download Alrab nouri wa khalasi
9Wanarfaa leek ayadenaWanarfaa leek ayadena - Roge Bahu05:07Download Wanarfaa leek ayadena
10Eltafito elai wakhlasoEltafito elai wakhlaso - Roge Bahu04:00Download Eltafito elai wakhlaso
11Montasireen wafeek nosratanaMontasireen wafeek nosratana - Roge Bahu04:57Download Montasireen wafeek nosratana
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 Roge Bahu - Enaho alhikmah yodaah