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The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.
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Monir Habib - Sir elkon

Monir Habib - Sir elkon - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Sir el kaounSir el kaoun - Monir Habib04:32
2lamsit rohaklamsit rohak - Monir Habib05:21
3Kayfa ansaKayfa ansa - Monir Habib07:38
4Haya elaihi ya nafsiHaya elaihi ya nafsi - Monir Habib06:06
5Salamt eidiSalamt eidi - Monir Habib05:06
6Anta el rab malik el majdAnta el rab malik el majd - Monir Habib03:02
7Elfajir shaq wa lahElfajir shaq wa lah - Monir Habib09:10
8Aarfak mish qadir tirtahAarfak mish qadir tirtah - Monir Habib06:48
9Hansadaq waadakHansadaq waadak - Monir Habib05:44
10Ya khaliq el akwanYa khaliq el akwan - Monir Habib04:05
11Law marah btismaa saoutoLaw marah btismaa saouto - Monir Habib05:55
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 Monir Habib - Sir elkon