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For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
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Monir Habib - Mn alaamaq

Monir Habib - Mn alaamaq - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Mini el aamaq ya rabiMini el aamaq ya rabi - Monir Habib06:07
2Qalli el shaytan khatayakQalli el shaytan khatayak - Monir Habib06:49
3Aati elaik ya yasouaiAati elaik ya yasouai - Monir Habib08:58
4Shokran leek ala el horiaShokran leek ala el horia - Monir Habib03:21
5Ena al ashbal ehtajatEna al ashbal ehtajat - Monir Habib03:41
6Hozon washidah wadeeqHozon washidah wadeeq - Monir Habib04:25
7Al taaban lama beljaa elikAl taaban lama beljaa elik - Monir Habib03:24
8Saoufa yantahi el aathabSaoufa yantahi el aathab - Monir Habib03:46
9Enta qaidna yasoua el barEnta qaidna yasoua el bar - Monir Habib03:49
10Al rab howa allahAl rab howa allah - Monir Habib02:52
11Alsamaa tohadith bimajd el ilalahAlsamaa tohadith bimajd el ilalah - Monir Habib02:21
12Ma ahla el ekhwahMa ahla el ekhwah - Monir Habib07:22
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 Monir Habib - Mn alaamaq