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Chosen Verse:
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
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Eshak Karmy - Enta abouna

Eshak Karmy - Enta abouna - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Leh tihtam wleh btkhafLeh tihtam wleh btkhaf - Eshak Karmy05:30Download Leh tihtam wleh btkhaf
2Mahma hawalt taabirMahma hawalt taabir - Eshak Karmy05:19Download Mahma hawalt taabir
3Lawla ya rabi manta maanaLawla ya rabi manta maana - Eshak Karmy05:54Download Lawla ya rabi manta maana
4An akramta allahAn akramta allah - Eshak Karmy01:51Download An akramta allah
5Aiwaah tfakir anie nseetakAiwaah tfakir anie nseetak - Eshak Karmy06:21Download Aiwaah tfakir anie nseetak
6Ya tawienee ya yasouaYa tawienee ya yasoua - Eshak Karmy03:53Download Ya tawienee ya yasoua
7Yalli slam alnafsYalli slam alnafs - Eshak Karmy03:28Download Yalli slam alnafs
8Habibi ya yasouaiHabibi ya yasouai - Eshak Karmy05:25Download Habibi ya yasouai
9Sabihou alrabSabihou alrab - Eshak Karmy01:51Download Sabihou alrab
10Alemni rabi ankiserAlemni rabi ankiser - Eshak Karmy04:30Download Alemni rabi ankiser
11Waqt alshidahWaqt alshidah - Eshak Karmy04:18Download Waqt alshidah
12Anta abounaAnta abouna - Eshak Karmy05:47Download Anta abouna
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 Eshak Karmy - Enta abouna