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And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
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Kamal Zayed - Our Father Prince of Peace

Kamal Zayed - Our Father Prince of Peace - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Reading 1Reading 1 - Kamal Zayed03:20
2Min wein yigi ebliesMin wein yigi eblies - Kamal Zayed05:02
3Reading 2Reading 2 - Kamal Zayed03:14
4Magru7 lagel ma3sinaMagru7 lagel ma3sina - Kamal Zayed03:54
5Reading 3Reading 3 - Kamal Zayed02:47
6Abana AbanaAbana Abana - Kamal Zayed08:03
7Reading 4Reading 4 - Kamal Zayed02:12
8ya agla el7abyeb 3ala 2albi anaya agla el7abyeb 3ala 2albi ana - Kamal Zayed04:55
9Reading 5Reading 5 - Kamal Zayed04:07
10Lord I need your love to beLord I need your love to be - Kamal Zayed03:58
11Reading 6Reading 6 - Kamal Zayed02:10
12I used to sing songs about lovingI used to sing songs about loving - Kamal Zayed03:24
13Reading 7Reading 7 - Kamal Zayed00:47
14Toda eluhai (Hebrew)Toda eluhai (Hebrew) - Kamal Zayed04:15
15Reading 8Reading 8 - Kamal Zayed03:21
16HallelujahHallelujah - Kamal Zayed05:28
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Bayna yadayka,
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 Kamal Zayed - Our Father Prince of Peace