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For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.
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Amjad saad - La amot bal ahya

Amjad saad - La amot bal ahya - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Bet7ally zaman al-at3abBet7ally zaman al-at3ab - Amjad saad03:38
2Kan hobbak maly fo2adyKan hobbak maly fo2ady - Amjad saad02:25
3La amoot bal ahyaLa amoot bal ahya - Amjad saad04:36
4Ha3eesh ahebbakHa3eesh ahebbak - Amjad saad04:33
5Ya rab leek elhamdYa rab leek elhamd - Amjad saad04:52
6Ya mo2men sally m3naYa mo2men sally m3na - Amjad saad02:55
7Lama bakeet mn jar7Lama bakeet mn jar7 - Amjad saad06:45
8O3a t2ajel wet2ol bokraO3a t2ajel wet2ol bokra - Amjad saad04:35
9Man hjayroka fe thi elhayahMan hjayroka fe thi elhayah - Amjad saad03:18
10El3omr qsayyar wel-ham kteerEl3omr qsayyar wel-ham kteer - Amjad saad05:54
11Wayyak betzol homomWayyak betzol homom - Amjad saad03:01
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 Amjad saad - La amot bal ahya