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Chosen Verse:
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
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Hoda Fayez - Elah al-taa'widat

Hoda Fayez - Elah al-taa'widat - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Hallelujah Yaso3 ya mokhallisyHallelujah Yaso3 ya mokhallisy - Hoda Fayez05:50
2Ana mittammen w-enta m3ayaAna mittammen w-enta m3aya - Hoda Fayez05:27
3Ana ba7ebbak enta elahiAna ba7ebbak enta elahi - Hoda Fayez04:44
4Elah elta3wedatElah elta3wedat - Hoda Fayez05:31
5Ana leyya elah 3enu 3alayyaAna leyya elah 3enu 3alayya - Hoda Fayez06:08
6Ta3alo elayya ya jame3 elmot3abeenTa3alo elayya ya jame3 elmot3abeen - Hoda Fayez06:22
7Enta 3arefnyEnta 3arefny - Hoda Fayez07:12
8Ta3ibna ellel bi-toluTa3ibna ellel bi-tolu - Hoda Fayez07:26
9Yama fe bo3diYama fe bo3di - Hoda Fayez04:20
10Yalli esm elrab 3alekumYalli esm elrab 3alekum - Hoda Fayez05:13
11Kallalta alsanata bijudikaKallalta alsanata bijudika - Hoda Fayez04:31
12Masabe7anaMasabe7ana - Hoda Fayez05:11
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