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The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.
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Agapee Team - Ashtaq lehodn alaab

Agapee - Ashtaq lehodn alaab - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ashtaq li hodin el aabAshtaq li hodin el aab - Agapee03:27
2Arak elahi arakArak elahi arak - Agapee03:56
3Aseer khalfakAseer khalfak - Agapee03:15
4Bariki ea nafsi al rabaBariki ea nafsi al raba - Agapee01:28
5Fe qalbi kma antaFe qalbi kma anta - Agapee05:22
6Ekhtabartani elahiEkhtabartani elahi - Agapee05:01
7Malleit seraji bel zeitMalleit seraji bel zeit - Agapee04:41
8Mararto biqorbikaMararto biqorbika - Agapee02:04
9Nadkhol diyarakaNadkhol diyaraka - Agapee02:06
10Ohiboka rabi yasouaOhiboka rabi yasoua - Agapee02:03
11Anqoud el khalasAnqoud el khalas - Agapee01:56
12Ea elahi khalis shabakaEa elahi khalis shabaka - Agapee01:44
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Team Agapee - Ashtaq lehodn alaab