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Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
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Lydia Shedid - Hathihi athar sayri

Lydia Shedid - Hathihi athar sayri - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Aatetni kol shaiyeAatetni kol shaiye - Lydia Shedid03:33
2Ya shaab qad nal el naseebYa shaab qad nal el naseeb - Lydia Shedid04:31
3Fe el ofoq daowiFe el ofoq daowi - Lydia Shedid03:50
4Hathihi athar seriHathihi athar seri - Lydia Shedid03:42
5Aanni qadaAanni qada - Lydia Shedid05:44
6Hal aaeshta qabil annHal aaeshta qabil ann - Lydia Shedid05:31
7Yasoua qal leYasoua qal le - Lydia Shedid02:27
8Ya sayiedi el habibYa sayiedi el habib - Lydia Shedid04:09
9La baiet le honaLa baiet le hona - Lydia Shedid02:25
10Ma domta fe safenatiMa domta fe safenati - Lydia Shedid03:13
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 Lydia Shedid - Hathihi athar sayri